EuroMaidan Newsletter # 8


Explosion at Maidan headquarters leaves 2 young men seriously injured
One can be arrested for transporting car tires

On February 6, 2014 a package with explosives was left at the Trade Union house at EuroMaidan (Kyiv). Two young men (15 and 20 years old) have been seriously injured by the explosion. One protestor lost his hand, another received a serious eye injury. The bomb was hidden in a box with medical supplies. Read more at (Eng)

On February 6, Dmytro Bulatov described his torture at the hands of what he believes to be a Russian special task unit. He had been kidnapped and tortured for 8 days. Read more at (Eng)

A Kyivite transporting car tires in his van was arrested and accused of “participation in mass protests”. He has been held in custody without formal charges since January 26 . Read more at (Eng)
The Ministry of Internal Affairs placed AutoMaidan leaders Oleksiy Hrytsenko, Dmytro Bulatov and Sergiy Koba on a Wanted Persons list. Read more at (Eng)

As of February 7, twenty-two persons are still missing, according to EuroMaidanSOS. Read the complete list and details (Ukr)

Human Rights Watch documentary on police attacks against journalists and medics. Watch the video at (Eng)

An injured Ukrainian protestor has been sent to Lithuania for medical treatment as he was afraid to ask for help in Ukraine. Read more at (Eng)

EuroMaidan as portrayed by Leonid Storozhuk, an artist from Kharkiv

“Dictatorship laws” at work against civil society
Criminal proceedings started against Center UA, around 200 NGO workers to be interrogated

The repealed “dictatorship laws” continue to work as the Ministry of Internal Affairs started criminal proceedings against Center UA, NGO, which initiated the CHESNO movement (a project advocating honest election processes) and which actively participates in EuroMaidan. The organization has been accused of “laundering illegally obtained funds”. Centre UA personnel considers this criminal proceeding to be a continuation of the authorities’ systematic repression against civil society. So far the police have visited at least 10 people. It has been reported that police plan to interrogate around 200 workers from this and partner NGOs in regards to this allegation.

Hrushevskyi-TV and female squad: the new initiatives at EuroMaidan

On February 1, activists from the Civic Sector of EuroMaidan set up a large projection screen at the Hrushevskogo st barricade to show documentaries and TV news about Maidan to riot police officers. See more at (Ukr)

A female squad has been formed on EuroMaidan. Women are being taught self-defense and self-organization techniques. The squad activities also include information campaign on the womens rights. Read more at (Eng)

More than 100 Ukrainian diplomats from various diplomatic institutions worldwide have expressed their support for EuroMaidan. Read their appeal at (Ukr)

February 3, 2014 Civic Sector of EuroMaidan held an action “Noone is forgotten. Nothing is forgotten” to commemorate the victims of the bloody regime of Yanukovych: everyone who has been beaten, harrased, illegaly prosecuted, killed or missing. Protesters laid down on the ground to show that the repressions against Ukrainian citizens continue. Watch video at

“Noone is forgotten, Nothing is forgotten” – a street action at Hrushevskogo street in Kyiv. Protesters lie down in the ground to show that repressions in Ukraine continue.

Many EuroMaidan groups, one goal: Out with the Yanukovych clan and change the system

The coordinators of various groups operating on EuroMaidan have expressed their vision on the political protest and demands put forward by the Ukrainian people. All of the groups demand that all arrested activists be released and those responsible for violence be punished. These groups have also called for deep systemic changes in the country, including constitutional reform and early presidential and parliamentary elections. Read more at (Eng)

Dmytro Yarosh, leader of the “Right Sector” (the radical wing of Ukrainian protesters) speaks about the group’s ideological position and readiness for compromises: “If the regime compromised and passed the law for a so-called amnesty drafted by the opposition, then Right Sector would be ready to withdraw its fighters from Hrushevs’kyi Street and unblock the street. This would be a reasonable compromise. This doesn’t cancel out our political demands. We must change the country at another level. The Maidan is only a training ground, but it’s not about constant fighting.” Read the whole interview at (Eng)

The art of EuroMaidan
The Ukrainian revolution through the eyes of artists

Protests at EuroMaidan have inspired the work of many Ukrainian and international artists.
The “Artists’ Squad of EuroMaidan” was created on February 5, 2014. The initiative unites artists, musicians, dancers and performers who are struggling to create a new Ukrainian culture, because they believe that “the Artist is a Fighter”. See photos at (text in Ukr)

Illustrator Oleksandra Godyaeva presented her emotional protest in a series of pictures related to EuroMaidan. See them at (text in Ukr)

Well known caricaturist Yuri Zhuravel, who is also a front man for the music band “Ot Vinta”, and other artists have found inspiration in the Ukrainian revolution and its Heroes. See their works at

The group of documentary filmmakers “Babylon 13” produced series of movies highlighting civic protest. Watch them at

The values of Europe as shown on Maidan’s barricades today
The Ukrainian revolution through the eyes of intellectuals
The collective statement of leading Ukrainian and Western researchers on Ukraine: “EuroMaidan is a liberationist, not extremist, mass action of civil disobedience”. Read the statement at (Eng)

Historian Andriy Plakhonin on the neutrality of Europe: “The border of Europe is landmarked by Kiev’s barricades… There’s no excuse to display indifference, there’s no excuse to remain impartial. Europe must choose behind which side of the barricades it is destined to be. The old Europe with its values is on Maidan”. Read the article at (Eng)

“The fish stinks from the head, but it is cleaned from the tail”. Read an analysis of the Ukrainian uprising by Dr. Ichak Adizes at (Eng)

In a recent sociological survey, the average EuroMaidan supporter was described as: a male 37 yo with a higher education from Western Ukraine. 85% of Maidan supporters demand the immediate resignation of Yanukovych. Read more at (Eng)

Art work by illustrators Sasha Godyaeva (left) and Yuri Zhuravel (right) have become popular among EuroMaidan activists.

United for freedom and dignity
What are the organizations on EuroMaidan or supporting EuroMaidan?
Injustice unites people who care about freedom, dignity and the future. In critical situations, people show their true nature, sometimes in unexpected ways. The Ukrainian revolution has rallied around the same goal: change the system, clean out the criminals from power. Entrepreneurs, scientists, students, and even football ultras have united together, though often under different organizations, against the ruling regime in Ukraine.

The Civic Sector of EuroMaidan. A group of activists who promote non violent resistance with hundreds of activists around Ukraine. Its activities include protester accommodation, food organization at Maidan, organization and execution of peaceful demonstrations, co-coordination of the activities of different Maidan organizations, information dissemination about EuroMaidan to world media, and communication with international organizations (Ukr/Eng)

Automaidan Several hundred car owners united into “Auto-Maidan” and started organizing regular swift raids to stage rapid protest events outside occupied squares. (Ukr/Rus)

Democratic Alliance Political Party founded in 2010 based on Christian-democratic ideology. (Ukr) and (Eng)

Syla Lyudey Civic organization uniting people into a political force to change the system and build a new country (Eng)

Student Coordination Council Students from different universities active since November 24, the first days of peaceful demonstrations. Mostly students have suffered from the riot police attacks on November 30. Students councils form different universities united into the Student Coordination Council in order to plan and execute student protests nationwide. (Ukr)

Euromaidan SOS Started as a Facebook activity by a few activists posting initial and updated info on disappeared people, contact information, and advice in case of emergency. Currently, it is the main contact and help center in case of emergency and has the most updated database on the wounded/killed/disappeared. (Ukr)

Boycott Party of Regions Activists initiative a boycott on products belonging to Party of Regions members. “We will not finance dictatorship”. Organizers maintain a database of brands and businesses belonging to PoR, disseminate info widely and promote a “do not buy” policy. (Ukr/Rus)

Right Rector A confederation of radical organizations with activists who do not believe that peaceful protest can bring resolution, supporters of proactive actions. The Right Sector took responsibility for starting the January 19, 2014 confrontation at Hrushevskogo street. (Ukr)

Football Ultras Ultras leaders from opposite corners of Ukraine declared that while their political goals remain different, they all feel responsible for protecting their communities from criminal attacks organized by the current authorities. Unprecedentedly, as of this evening, Ultras clubs from almost every region of the country have made statements of joining forces to protect the peaceful activists against the “titushkas” gangs.” (Eng)

And many more groups

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