What’s achieved in THREE WEEKS since “the negotiations” started — net result

Lesya Orobets Lesya Orobets on her Facebook page:

1. NOT EVEN ONE political prisoner was exonerated despite the so-called ‘amnesty law’. There are many citizens, whom the State Prosecution Office seeks to imprison for 12-15 years, but now agreed to keep them under house arrest for a couple of months during the proceedings in order to look benevolent – until protesters will go home. The new big hit was yesterday’s arrest of four Afghan war veterans, who caught and delivered a pocket thief to the police office. So they were arrested for that, while the thief was let go and probably thoroughly thanked by the police and treated with free cigarettes.

2. Yanukovych is still the President. Pshonka is the Prosecutor General. Rybak is the Speaker, Kaletnyk remains Deputy Speaker, Zakharchenko is the Minister of Internal Affairs (these comrades aka ministers of the Cabinet-in-resignation don’t even bother with the ‘acting’ prefix despite resigning).

3. Azarov relaxes at his Austrian estate. Considering that he never was a businessman (that’s if we don’t count his brandchild – the ‘VAT administering system’ and in fact the Tax Office in its entirety as his business) – he apparently lives in Austria in visible poverty. His righteous soul is tormented with the ‘rotting decay of EU gay culture’ – this is not his hometown Kaluga.

4. NOT EVEN ONE criminal act against the citizens of Ukraine, beginning from the student beatings of November 30, 2013, is under scrutiny of the State Prosecution Office, and the State Prosecution Office is brazenly showing it off.

5. The Acting Cabinet of Ministers led by Arbuzov (at least someone’s dreams keep coming true) still rules the country and pretends that nothing has happened. Yanukovych has just signed another paper overriding the Constitution and gives the acting Cabinet the same authority as the constitutionally legitimate Cabinet. Apparently you could do these things, if you want it really bad.

6. Through the so-called ‘uncontrolled currency volatility’ Yanukovych’s ‘Family’ led by Arbuzov has just made a couple hundred million dollars by squandering NBU currency reserves through their puppet banks, whether directly controlled or technically owned by the state.

7. In order to ‘stabilize the currency’, the “Family” chaired by Arbuzov and through his puppet Sorkin has enacted NEVER SEEN BEFORE ‘National Bank of Ukraine regulations’, which would look tough even for a country in a full height of a war. Now, the hapless Ukrainian exporters must sell 100% of their income denominated in foreign currency and HAS NO RIGHT to purchase any foreign currency even to pay its debts – apparently NBU is saving the country! But… as always in Ukraine, there were selected few bank (miraculously!) do sell foreign currency. Although, with a 15-20% premium over the official rates. Buy or leave. These dollars come from NBU reserves, see above p.6.

8. As of today, dozens more people are sent to the ‘house arrest’, dozens more cars are burnt down. Searches, individual terror — the standard arsenal of ‘Yanukovich the Negotiator’.

9. Berkut and the rest of the police, who barely could breath on January 22 while all reserves from all over Ukraine (even using the tax police officers) were pulling to Kyiv, are fully refreshed. They might not have achieved the 6x times increase to 30,000 troops (just to put it in context, nobody gives concern to funding children cancer facilities in Ukraine) — but they are surely far on their course, just look at all the newspaper adverts.

10. Now they accumulated to excess all sorts of sophisticated weaponry (during hot times at Grushevskogo street Berkut were resorted to petrol bombs themselves as well as cobblestones). Again, it’s no time to spend on kids with cancer and their medicine, the big boys need grenades at 60$ per piece. Perhaps the good engineers and the police supply department who bought ‘nonlethal’ brass bullets with steel core used to kill protesters at Grushevskogo Str., have thought of something powerful enough to replace the DYI antipersonnel grenades Berkut have put together, because the boys had to use cellotape to bind nails or rocks to the stun grenades. That takes unduly time and decreases the number of citizens maimed.

11. All the former criminals registered in the police, all the freed on parole or, if failing that — plain clothed police office workers are herded into ‘people militias’ in East Ukraine. Where even that is not enough, ‘Russian bikers’ and ‘Don’s Cossacks’ have popped up. Although the Cossacks arrive from St. Petersburg rather than the Don region.

12. Expectedly warmed up for the Olympics the federalization topic has been raised. With all the ferried bandits (both plain criminals and police officers, who turned to be criminals too), why not do “federalisation” of Ukraine?

13. The criminal situation in Kyiv (particularly its center) is blew away anything seen in the wild 90s. It is natural too, considering Yanukovych’s “Family” has transported all possible criminal elements to Kyiv for 2 months, promising to pay USD 25-50 per day and usually not paying in full.

14. And not least, the “Family” has earned USD 1-1,5-2 billion in last month – since public procurements bonanza still continues! Even when only 60% of budget income in January is coming, Yanukovych’s personal income cannot suffer anyway. But no worries, earnings from the sale of NBU currency reserves has covered and even more then “covered” that gap.

15. Klyuev changed Lyovochkin. He is taking a post of the head of the some office that has no place in Constitution (Presidential Administration is not described in the current Constitution). Nothing changed: Klyuev does what Klyuev always does.

Overall nothing unforeseeable at the beginning of the ‘negotiations’ have happened.

What awaits us next:

1. A total collapse of the economy. Beginning with the banking system, with the chain reaction taking the rest. If somebody is thinking about withdrawing his deposit from a bank, that’s the right time to do it.

2. A poorly disguised attempt of intervention and annexation by Putin.
Hence all the ‘federalization’ talk and the brotherly help of the ‘russian bikers’. The Olympics will be over soon, and by that time they can run a few powwows of ‘local councils and nomenclature’ with appeals to intervene. The role of the SBU (State Security Service), headed by a man ‘retired’ from the Russian Army in 1998, is quite clear and predictable – the SBU will fight the “radicals” and “attempts to overthrow the government” – those of pro-Western protesters, of course.

So, my friends, no one will fix this mess but us.

More resolve, more courage, and we will win!

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