Ukraine: Typical Protesters

Typical protesters of EuromaidanIllustrator Alexander Kom’yakhov and journalist Andriy Pryimachenko organized an art project, painting typical protesters of Euromaidan.

“It began with the fact that Andrew Pryimachenko asked me to draw some sketchs for his stories. They were telling about simple “ignorant”people. I have drawn them, sent and we were waiting them to be published. And suddenly the Hrushevskoho has happened. I was looking through my sketches and photos from the scene of action. And it was a pity that “aware” people are not drawn. One can not see them on photos same way I remember them , “– said Ukrainian illustrator Alexander Kom’yakhov to Ukrayins’ka Pravda.Life

The portraits Euromaidan protesters are quite different: starting with guys who build barricades and use road signs as protection, ending with nurses, ordinary women and priests.

Typical protesters of Euromaidan

Here is The Beetle. “Hold on, I’m coming” – calling equiped guy. Like a Marvel Comics characters, the high tech armored guy, usually “peacefull” office worker or student, looking for new identity and likes to be superhero.

Typical protesters of Euromaidan

 The Sister. Young women helping injured protesters. Can be skilled as medical staff, medical student or anyone, who knows what to do.


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