Support Euromaidan activists without leaving home

Internet-users that express their solidarity with the protesters in the EuroMaidan in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine can provide remote financial assistance. Activists need medicines, warm clothes, means of personal protection, warm food and legal aid. TV channels that make online broadcasts of current events also need your help in order to make it possible for you to follow the current events in Ukraine live.

Online TV

1) Hromadkse TV is launched by the former journalists of the TVi Channel who had conflicts with the Channel’s owners. The project was created with the help of the charitable funds. It was supported by the International Fund “Vidrodzhennya” and Media Development Fund of the Embassy of the USA. Online broadcasting and detailed reporting of the journalists of have made it possible for the millions of people throughout the world to follow the current developments in Ukraine.
So, if you are outside Ukraine and want to make your contribution to the development of Hromadkse TV:
1. go to
2. you will see “PayPal – для внесків з-за кордону”, press the button “Donate”
3. Follow the further instructions (they are in English).

2) Spilnobachennya
Splinobachennya is a non-commercial TV Channel based in the Internet created by the active citizens of Ukraine. The sources of financing of Splinobachennya include fixed fee of its members, voluntary donations and user charge.
So, if you are outside Ukraine and want to make your contribution to Splinobachennya, please go to:
On the right side of the web-page you will see the button “Donate”, press it and follow further instruction in English.
*Contributions from abroad are received at the account of the journalist of Splinobachennya in Poland.

3) Online Broadcasting Ukrstream
Online broadcasting of the events in the center of Kyiv 24/7. There are two cameras (in Grushevskogo Street near the stadium “Dynamo” and Maidan Nezalezhnosti) that show non-stop and in good quality what is happening in the center of the city since 27 November 2013. To continue broadcasting, financial help is needed!
If you are outside Ukraine and want to make your contribution to Online Broadcasting Ukrstream, please go to:
Choose the payment system, press the button the chosen system and follow the instructions.
Thank you!

4) – site of Ukrainian citizens in Poland, gathers money from EU. They have a FB page with list of receipts, a PayPal  btn_donateCC_LG (please access link from this page), and a list of webmoney purses Webmoney purses:


5) Fund Medical Needs of People on Maidan (on with constant updates

6) bc lc         

Bitcoin / Litecoin from the site (they consistently publish expenditure reports). Cryptocurrency will be converted to hryvnia and then transferred to one of our official UAH bank accounts or will be used for some special Maidan needs directly. All transactions are posted publicly (here and here), and a trusted person will report expenditures. Notice: official bank accounts were arrested 22 Jan :(, so we now have to use distributed ways to support people on the Maidan, and as you know Bitcoin account cannot be blocked by any government.

  • BTC — 1MvkidNwrEga5Q6XXeD8ksGrZ1WzMo4qbW
  • LTC — LTCXhrVXdVwgnpRz68D8mGFjiGmKbxK2Gk

7) Dogecoin — DMPm4DQ9CNJ9Hs4v3cW3gZvvuAbTX4pa3y (Transactions and QR code) – from

For more info please visit

And finally, a small photodocumentary of why we’re asking for your donations!

Euromaidan PR

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