Lesya Orobets: More than 40 people were killed during the last days

Due to Yanukovych’s obstinacy and no desire to hear people on February, 18-20, new clashes between the law enforcement agencies representatives and protesters took place in Kyiv. They resulted in much more deaths and murders than ever during any other protests which have been held in Ukraine since 1991.

The statistics says that more than 40 people were killed during the last days, while by now identified are only 16 activists and 5 policemen.

Each death is a tragedy, noone should be forgotten.

1.Chernenko Andriy, 35 years old.

2. Didych Sergiy, 44 years old.

3. Brezdenyuk Valeriy, 50 years old

4. Oleksandr Kapinos, 30 years old

5. Serdyuk Igor

6. Veremiy Vyacheslav, 33 years old (journalist)

7. Oleksand Plekhanov

8. Dvoryanets Antonina

9. Korchak Andriy

10. Volodymyr Kishchuk

11. Sergiy Shapoval

12. Volodymyr Naumov

13. Zurab Khurtsia, 54 years old

14. Volodymyr Kulchytskyi

15. Yuriy Paskhalin

16. Vitaliy Vasyltsov

And policemen:

1. Dmytro Vlasenko

2. Vitaly Goncharov

3. Ivanenko Oleksiy

4. Teplyuk Ivan

5. Maksym Tretiak

The lives of these bright people-activists could have been saved if more pressure was put on Yanukovych to listen to Ukrainians. We will glorify our heroes but right now our aim is in no case to allow other deaths!

And we crucially need the help of West in this.

We have to save our heroes, brave men who are not afraid to give their lives for Ukraine. We have to save fathers for babies, honest businessmen for the economy, defenders for the democracy.

To build prosperious Ukraine we will need them alive.

Glory to Ukraine!

Sincerely Yours,
Lesya Orobets

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