Maidan representatives outline their demands for the new government of Ukraine

Members of Ukraine’s “government of national trust” cannot be on the list of the one hundred richest people in Ukraine. Nor can they be executives within the acting government or employees of the presidential administration who have held these positions since 2010. These are examples of the criteria established by Maidan’s Circle of National Trust, as set out in a statement by the Circle provided to Interfax-Ukraine.

Other requirements requested include at least seven years of work experience, except for the offices of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Security Service of Ukraine, and theMinistry of Defense; and five years of work experience in management positions. Candidates must not have human rights violations, and there must be no indication of links between them and any hint of corruption.

“We will assess each candidate proposed by the new parliamentary majority against these criteria and advise you of the results,” the statement said. “Every member of the government must obtain the approval of Maidan.”

As explained to journalist Valeriy Pekar of the Circle of National Trust Secretariat, the Circle includes representatives from the most influential, well-known and reputable organizations from Maidan.

Serhiy Poyarkov, a representative of Automaidan, notes that the Circle also includes Olha Bohomolets from the Doctors of Maidan, Dmytro Yarosh from the Right Sector, Bishop Stefan from Maidan’s spiritual council, Oleh Mykhnyuk from the Afghan Veterans, Volodymyr Viatovych from the Community Sector, Ruslana Lyzhychko, and Sviatoslav Vakarchuk.

“The Circle of National Trust is not the governing body of Maidan. It is, practically speaking, an intermediary between Maidan and the managers who will be hired by the people,” explained Bishop Stefan. The representatives of the Circle emphasized that the list of participants has not yet been finalized. The list will be expanded, and its members are not seeking any official posts.

“We demand not merely a government, but a government of national trust. Such a government must be formed from the ranks of established professionals with unblemished reputations, not party officials,” the statement said.

Representatives of the Circle said that they spent many hours late Monday night meeting with acting Minister of Finance Yuriy Kolobov, at his request, to monitor the transition process. They noted that they were pleased with the results of the meeting, which demonstrated the Minister’s readiness to discuss in detail even the most difficult questions.

As noted by Pekar, the situation is complicated, but with effective work, the country can avoid default.

Original Source: Ukrainska Pravda

Date: February 25, 2014
Translated by Lesia Stangret
Edited by Michael Donovan and Robin Rohrback
Source: Euromaidan PR

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