The Crimean deputies did not even know they voted for joining Russia

Projects for decisions were not presented to the Deputies of the Crimean parliament, who made a decision about holding a referendum on March, 16, on the status of Crimea, on a special session on Thursday. Before voting the speaker Konstantinov has mentioned only paragraphs concerning the referendum questions.
As ZN.UA reported, several deputies, who asked not to disclose their names, the fact that the Crimean parliament has made a decision about joining the Russian Federation and approached the president, State Duma and Federation Council of Russia with a request to start the procedure of joining Russian Federation, they found out from journalists and media.
The deputy of the Crimean parliament Refat Chubarov reported that deputies – members of the fraction “Kurultay-Rukh” were not informed about holding the special session at all, and the website (of the parliament) and the media had not informed about this issue.
We don’t know how many deputies were present at the session indeed”, – Chubarov said.

Source: Crimea_SOS

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