PUTIN the Compulsive Boldface LIAR

10 lies Putin uses to justify the occupation of Ukraine. Compiled by Walter Derzko, Toronto

1.0 PUTIN’S LIES: Russians are under threat in Ukraine
1.0 REALITY: There is no proof whatsoever that ethnic Russians are threatened or were killed in the Crimea or in South-Eastern Ukraine.

2.0 PUTIN’S LIES: Ukraine is governed by Nazis, Fascists and Anti-Semites
2.0 REALITY: Prominent Ukrainian Jews and the Chief Rabbi of Ukraine rebuffed all of Putin’s anti-Semitism claims.

3.0 PUTIN’S LIES: Crimea, Southern and Eastern Ukraine want to join Russia
3.0 REALITY: There is no single region in Ukraine where the majority of the population is willing to join Russia.
Objective polls show only 41% of Crimean population in favor of it, and only 33% in Donetsk region and 8% in Kharkiv. 80% in the South and 76% in the East of Ukraine are against separation from Ukraine. The Constitution provides for territorial changes only via a NATIONAL, not local, referendum.
In 1991, 54% of Crimeans voted for independence from Russia, when the USSR collapsed.
95% of Ukrainian citizens indicate Ukraine (and not Russia or the Soviet Union) as their Motherland.

4.0 PUTIN’S LIES: NATO is on our doorstep
4.0 REALITY: Full NATO integration is not mentioned in the program of the new Cabinet.

5.0 PUTIN’S LIES: Ukrainians want to join the Eurasian Customs Union and are against Europe.
5.0 REALITY: The majority of Ukrainians (55%) support signing the Association Agreement with EU, including 47% of the Party of Regions voters.

6.0 PUTIN’S LIES: There are 17 million Russians living in Ukraine claims Putin.
6.0 REALITY: Putin lied about 17 million Russians living in Ukraine. It’s actually only 17% of the population; i.e. –only 8 million people. Compared to 27% in Latvia.

7.0 PUTIN’S LIES: The current government is not legitimate or inclusive.
7.0 REALITY: President Putin acknowledged that Yanukovych “has no political future.” After fleeing Ukraine, Yanukovych’s own Party of Regions voted to confirm his withdrawal from office and supported a new government.
Four members of Ukraine’s new Cabinet were born in Russia. The new head of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast region is Igor Kolomoisky, the Head of the European Jewish Council. The current interim regime has the most inclusive and liberal program supporting minorities in all of Eastern Europe.

8.0 PUTIN’s LIES: The Maidan in Kyiv was a mob of Ukrainian speaking Nationalists from the west.
8.0 REALITY: 45% of the participants of the EuroMaidan Revolution in Kyiv were Russian native speakers protesting against corruption and against Yanukovych.

9.0 PUTIN’S LIES: We came to Crimea to protect our Russian speakers who are “supposedly” in danger.
9.0 REALITY: You evacuate “supposed” people in danger, not invade, occupy and annex them.

10.0 PUTIN’S LIES: Ukraine needs to become a federation.
10.0 REALITY: Ukrainians are against federalization of the country.
53% in the East and 63% in the South do not support this idea.


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