Protest against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, 30 March, 13:00

redcardThe third Red Card Russia protest takes place in Berlin on Sunday, March 30. Protest against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine at the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour.

Bring Ukrainian flags, red cards and whistles to the Brandenburger Gates at 13.00. You can also print out posters from our FB group Red Card Russia:

For inquires and assistance, contact Paul Niland

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We call on FIFA to respond to the Russian military invasion of Ukraine by banning Russia from participating in the 2014 Brazil World Cup and revoking Russia’s right to host World Cup 2018.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a breach of international law which threatens to set a terrible precedent for the 21st century, plunging the world into a new era of militarism and international confrontation. We demand that FIFA take the firmest possible stand against military aggression. Moscow cannot send its army marching into Ukraine and then expect to send its football team to Brazil to participate in a celebration of the global community.

Unless Russian troops are withdrawn from Ukraine, Russia must be banned from the 2014 Brazil World Cup.

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