Protest against the war, Kiev, 6. June

antiwar_kiev_060614_3On Friday, June 6, in Kyiv, the “Labor Solidarity” union, supported by the Red Cross, held a protest against the war and in support of the civil population of Donbass and Luhansk. About a hundred of protesters marched from Arsenalna metro station to the premises of Parliament of Ukraine. 

They demanded from the government and the new President Poroshenko to halt the military operation ATO and hold a negotiation, and to ensure that the humanitarian services are able to provide help for the civilians in the region. The protesters in Kyiv demanded to stop the violence on the part of Kyiv authorities, not mentioning the violence towards civilians on the part of pro-russian paramilitaries.

antiwar_kiev_060614antiwar_kiev_060614_2Source: Ukraine: Insider Perspective

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