Help Maidaner Andriy Shevtsov!

1 150x150 Restore eyesight of MaidanerAndriy Shevtsov has been an active member of the “Revolution of Dignity” on Maidan Kyiv, Ukraine since November 21. Andriy is a football fan of “Dynamo” Kyiv and a student at the Karpenko-Kary National University of Theater, Cinema and Television. He worked as a camera engineer/technician in movies and TV series.”Working with a camera on a set is something that gives me great pleasure!”
On 19.01.2014, Andriy was shot with rubber bullets by Berkut officers on Hrushevskoho Street. One bullet hit his head, the second injured the area around the left eye. Andriy suffered from severe contusions – contusion of the eye with third degree traumatic hiphema, hemophthalmos of the left eye.

Andriy has lost sight in one eye, while sight in the other eye has decreased due to constant pressure.
Ukrainian and Polish doctors, Despite all their efforts, were not able to restore sight in Andriy’s injured eye and they recommended that he should see German specialists.
German specialists replied that they could try to help him. They offered to examine his eye and perform a vitrectomy. If surveys confirm recommendations of Polish doctors – transplantation of the retina will be needed.
Bills for medical examinations and a vitrectomy at the clinic Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf: 14 000 Euros.
Here is all bills and more info
Paypal (Donation For Andriy Shevtsov Treatment)
We will write all the details of treatment and reports from our account on our site.
If you want to help please write:
Call Tatyana + 38 097 732 16 51
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