SIGN the PETITION: Stop sale of the warships “Mistral”

mistral Appeal to the People and the Government of France


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The cradle of the Great French Revolution, home of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the country whose national anthem calls to defy tyranny, the country that, throughout its history, gave the example of a unified, strong and unitary state with high values of civilisation, a country that was able to convince the world of the values of the rule of law and human dignity, such a great country is about to cover itself with shame!

The President of France has severely condemned the annexation of Crimea and expressed his support of a united, independent and democratic Ukraine. In this light, a continued military cooperation between France and Russia appears cynical.

We call upon the French government to immediately revise the agreement with Russia regarding the sale of the warships “Mistral” and to not hand over high military technology to the most powerful aggressor in Europe!

Violating bluntly international law, Russia has taken Europe to the verge of a geopolitical disaster and triggered a fiasco of the international security system. Thousands of Ukrainians are dying in an unprecedented conflict between the militaristic Russian empire and a European, independent and democratic state in the heart of Europe.

For us, any collaboration with the Russian aggressors is comparable to the collaboration of the Vichy regime with Hitler.

In 1939, Europe had already had a choice to stop Hitler. At that time, according to Winston Churchill “England had been offered a choice between war and dishonour. It chose dishonour and obtained war.”

France’s socialist president should recall a familiar quotation by Karl Marx: “300 percent (profit), and there is no crime at which it will scruple, nor a risk it will not run…”

Thus, we call upon our friend and country France not to repeat the mistakes of the past. France has no longer any moral obligation to cling to agreements with a country that violates and dishonours Europe and openly mocks the world.

Ukraine is already paying a high price with human lives to defend European values. Which price is Europe ready to pay to defend the values it builds on?

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