Ukrainians vs Russian ghosts. Q&A.

1. Who has started this? Who is the one in charge of this war?

This is quite simple. Every person in the world knows his name. Even though he is pure evil, he is not Voldemort and we can all say (and sing, lalala) his name. It is Putin. But it would be dumb to think he is the only person responsible. Our former president, Yanukovich, is even a worse person (not sure if it is actually possible). He helped this war to start despite Donetsk region being his homeland. Born and raised in Yenakievo, he paid his people to ruin it among other cities of Donetsk region. Honorable mentions: Rinat Akhmetov, so-called owner of Donetsk, actual owner of Donbass arena, one of the most stunning Europe football stadiums (on the photo in its glory days of Euro-2012). He was playing for both Ukrainian government and Yanukovitch which will cost him the title of the most wealthy Ukrainian oligarch (e.g.most efficient  fraud). Oleg Efremov, so-called owner of Luhansk, whose property surprisingly wasn’t ruined despite the whole Luhansk being basically one big ruin now.

2. Why is this happening?

There are two answers to this. The simple one and the one born after deep analysis. The simple one is that Putin wants Russian empire back (should Italians start thinking about bringing Rome its former greatness back  now?..). The deep one is that USSR didn’t break up correctly, and the years after its fall were too chaotic in all the ex-USSR countries. Too many things we have faced, post-Chernobyl, creating constitution of our own, facing the real world, not the one created by Soviet propaganda. The main thing by far was us giving up nuclear powers. If we didn’t give them up or if the agreement was more detailed, maybe this war would never happened. Europe and USA promised to protect us in return but the conditions were written in the way that let them skip the actual protection now.

3. What is the deal with Russian and Ukrainian languages? Why people go crazy about languages there? Aren’t they the same?

No. Russian and Ukrainian languages are not the same. They belong to the same group, Eastern Slavic language group, but they are so not the same. Ukrainian is closer to Old Slavic, when Russian has more loan words from French, English etc (who’s the one affected by West now, huh?). Modern Ukrainian is way closer to Polish and Slovak and Belorussian than to modern Russian. Spanish language is closer to Portuguese than Russian is to Ukrainian. I know this for a fact because my B1 in Spanish lets me understand a lot of written Portuguese. Russians without practice cannot understand Ukrainian at all.
Most of the people in Ukraine are bilingual (and take it for granted, ugh). Language problem was being exaggerated by our own politics for years. There is no language problem. Not to the point when we need to kill people to solve it.

4. When does it all end? How could it possibly end? What about cease fire?

As optimistic as I am, as much as I love both Ukraine and Donetsk, there is no good news. We could not and would not win against Putin’s soldiers. There are too many, they are too sneaky. We could however win with someone’s support. Sanctions do not make Russians afraid. Even if they spend more money on food now. Half of them would think “But we have Crimea” or “We are the greatest of nations fighting against Western gays”. The other half would curse on kitchen and do nothing. Only one person could stop the war if there is no military help for us. Why would he do that? He won’t. Cease fire is one of his sick tricks.

5. Is there hope for Ukraine?

I hope! A lot of people in Ukraine and the world do. I believe in positive thoughts.

6. Is there hope for Russia?

Well it cannot vanish, the country is huge. However I think its borders will change soon. People would struggle more (but that’s what Russians do best, struggle). Emigration waves would become bigger. Negative thoughts could also possibly affect Russians which is not fair since they are as guilty as German soldiers during WWII (meaning some are and some are not).

7. Who am I to judge and to answer all these questions with a tone of a mentor?

Just the girl from Donetsk who’s happen to have Russian language as her mother tongue, be into Ukrainian head over heels and love both Ukraine and the city of Donetsk. Reading books, listening to the radio “Echo of Moscow” and owning an intellect also help. Not to mention having the smartest dad on Earth (seriously he can explain everything. It’s a pity my English is way better than his).

Glory to Ukraine! Save Donbass people from propaganda! (and themselves).

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