Ukrainians vs Russian ghosts. Q&A.

1. Who has started this? Who is the one in charge of this war?

This is quite simple. Every person in the world knows his name. Even though he is pure evil, he is not Voldemort and we can all say (and sing, lalala) his name. It is Putin. But it would be dumb to think he is the only person responsible. Our former president, Yanukovich, is even a worse person (not sure if it is actually possible). He helped this war to start despite Donetsk region being his homeland. Born and raised in Yenakievo, he paid his people to ruin it among other cities of Donetsk region. Honorable mentions: Rinat Akhmetov, so-called owner of Donetsk, actual owner of Donbass arena, one of the most stunning Europe football stadiums (on the photo in its glory days of Euro-2012). He was playing for both Ukrainian government and Yanukovitch which will cost him the title of the most wealthy Ukrainian oligarch (e.g.most efficient  fraud). Oleg Efremov, so-called owner of Luhansk, whose property surprisingly wasn’t ruined despite the whole Luhansk being basically one big ruin now.

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14. September 2014: Regionalwahlen auf der Krim

Göttingen, den 11. September 2014

Krimtataren und religiöse Gemeinschaften unter Druck – Memorandum
dokumentiert Schikanen gegen die Krimtataren und Beschneidung der
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Appeal to international leaders and the world community

December 1 Group, Ukraine

Russia launched a war against Ukraine.
This aggression is large-scale, long-term and far-reaching.
The Kremlin has violated all fundamental principles of international relations, values and norms of coexistence of independent states in Europe. Continue reading

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Euromaidan Wache Berlin: politische Arbeit, humanitäre und medizinische Hilfe. Private Hilfsprojekte für Menschen in der Ukraine

Euromaidan Wache Berlin: politische Arbeit, humanitäre und medizinische Hilfe. Private Hilfsprojekte für Menschen in der Ukraine.

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Ukraine: Rebels Subject Civilians to Forced Labor

(Berlin) – Insurgent forces are detaining civilians on allegations of violating public order and then subjecting them to forced labor. Rebels appear to be using public order infractions as a pretext to obtain unpaid labor.

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Ukraine information newsletter #40

0NL8Despite the ceasefire agreement signed between Ukraine and Russian on September 5, Russian army continued shelling Ukrainian cities of Mariupol and Donetsk.

NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen set the tone for a NATO summit by saying that “Russia is attacking Ukraine” and continuing to destabilize the situation in eastern Ukraine despite a cease-fire plan proposed by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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10. Jahreskonferenz der „Kiewer Gespräche“ 22./23. September Berlin

kiewerGesprZehnte Jahreskonferenz der „Kiewer Gespräche“ zum Thema: „Jenseits des Konflikts: Die Ukraine auf dem Weg aus der Krise hin zu Rechtsstaatlichkeit und wirtschaftlicher Stabilität“, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Tiergartenstrasse 35, 10785 Berlin

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Blind Russia with blood on her hands

05.09.2014 Performance on the streets of St. Petersburg.

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8.09. Solidaritätsaktion mit Oleg Sentsov: Filmvorführung “Gamer”

Олег Сенцов“PRAVO. Berlin Group for Human Rights in Ukraine”, Gesellschaft für bedrohte Völker, Euromaidan Wache Berlin in Kooperation mit dem Deutsch-Russischen Austausch laden Sie herzlich zu einer Solidaritätsaktion ein.
Am 08.09.2014 zeigen wir den Film “Gamer” (Regie: Oleg Sentsov, Ukraine, 2012, 92′, Original mit englischen Untertitel) in Unterstützung des in Moskau inhaftierten ukrainischen Regisseurs Oleg Sentsov. Den Trailer zum Film finden Sie HIER.

Wann und wo:
Montag, 08.09.2014, um 19:30
Haus der Demokratie und Menschenrechte, Greifswalder Straße 4, 10405 Berlin

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Ukraine/Russland: Eine fortlaufende Chronik von Sarah Reinke

Ukraine/Russland: Eine fortlaufende Chronik von Sarah Reinke.

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