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Vasyl Cherepanyn heavily beaten by paramilitary thugs

Vasyl Cherepanyn, lecturer at the National University ”Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” and head of Visual Culture Research Center, was attacked on Kontraktova square in Kiev, next to the university were he works. A group of unknown men dressed in camouflage paramilitary uniforms … Continue reading

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Aus aktuellem Anlass: Krieg mit anderen Augen sehen. Sasha Kurmaz‘ Fotografien aus Kiew

Kunst – Stadt – Normalität, No 4 18. Juni 2014, Margarita Augustin Die neuen Fotos von Sasha Kurmaz tragen einen Teil dieses Problems gewiss in sich. Der Künstler war während der Maidan-Aufstände in Kiew unterwegs, er hat dort das beeindruckende … Continue reading

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Kiewer Gespräche Newsletter, 06. Juni 2014

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, liebe Leserinnen und Leser! Heute erhalten Sie eine Sonderausgabe unseres Newsletters, in der wir Sie über die innen- und außenpolitischen Ereignisse der vergangenen Wochen in der Ukraine informieren werden. Weiter HIER lesen

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Protest against the war, Kiev, 6. June

On Friday, June 6, in Kyiv, the “Labor Solidarity” union, supported by the Red Cross, held a protest against the war and in support of the civil population of Donbass and Luhansk. About a hundred of protesters marched from Arsenalna … Continue reading

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Reisebericht Odessa, 31.05.2014

Oleksandra Bienert, “PRAVO. Berlin Group for Human Rights in Ukraine”/”Euromaidan Wache Berlin”, Redaktion: Elmar Schulte. Ende Mai (26-28.05.) war Oleksandra Bienert/Euromaidan Wache Berlin kurz nach den Präsidentschaftswahlen in Odessa und in Kiew und hat mit mehren Aktivisten und Journalisten vor … Continue reading

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An Eyewitness Account in the Battle For Maidan

At the Night of February 19th (by Serhiy Suprun) I want to tell you about the night of February 19th, and what happened during the operation of “clearing the Maidan” by the Berkut police.

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Fixers and interpreters for journalists coming to Ukraine

Dear representatives of German media, If you need a fixer and/or interpreter to facilitate your work and make it more effective, when coming to Kyiv or other cities of Ukraine, please contact the following persons in Ukraine:

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Voices of the Revolution: survivors Kuznetsov & son

“We didn’t even recognize ourselves in that photo” (Eyewitness interview). The photo published by Agence France-Presse news agency showing the atrocities of Berkut riot police, hit the headlines in Europe and the United States. On February 20, 2014, a newspaper … Continue reading

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Students occupied Ministry of Education in Kyiv (Eng, Ru)

On February 21, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine was liberated from bureaucracy. It has been occupied by students, teachers and their friends for nearly a week now. All major decisions are made by the assembly at general … Continue reading

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Activists staged “public control” of the State Migration Service

On 25. February refugees and asylum seekers lawyers and social activists entered the premises of the State Migration Service to verify information on this institution’s collaboration with the intelligence services of other countries, which contraries to Ukrainian and international law. Video … Continue reading

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