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Russian Sociologist: Propaganda in Russian National News Reports Reaches New Levels

Kyiv, March 20, 2014. The volume of propaganda in Russian government-controlled media varies between 13 and 89 percent. These were the results of an independent media analysis project Gorodskie Proekty (En. City Projects – Ed.) Russian sociologist Lev Gudkov, director … Continue reading

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About “Radical Nationalists”

By Volodymyr Kulyk, 11.02.2014 I decided to write this blog after reading an interview with Dmytro Yarosh, leader of Right Sector, in Ukrains’ka Pravda a few days ago.  Among many other things, Yarosh briefly explained his ideological orientation, including his understanding … Continue reading

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Jüdischer Kommandant auf dem Maidan: Den Maidan zu erleben war es wert, in diesem Land gelebt zu haben

Er trägt Kashkettel (eine Schirmmütze) statt Kippa in der Öffentlichkeit, er hat ein typisch jüdisches Äußeres – dieser junge Mann würde problemlos als Jeschiwa-Lehrer einer nationalreligiösen Strömung durchgehen. Tatsächlich aber bekleidet er eine leitende Position in dem komplizierten System der … Continue reading

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Pro-Russian network behind the anti-Ukrainian defamation campaign

Anton Shekhovtsov There has been a huge tide of false, incorrect and bloated reports that exaggerate or over-emphasize the significance of the far right in the current Euromaidan protests in Ukraine. A Moscow-based journalist Alec Luhn writes in The Nation … Continue reading

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Petition: Kiyv’s Euromaidan is a liberationist and not extremist mass action of civic disobedience

Autor: Andreas Umland Kyiv, Ukraine Collective statement by experts on Ukrainian nationalism on the role of far right groups in Ukraine’s protest movement, and a warning about the Russian imperialism-serving effects of some supposedly anti-fascist media reports from Kyiv SIGN … Continue reading

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